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DJ Rick

An historical look at cities that have shaped "weirdpunk" and "glue-wave", such as Sacto, Columbus, Lund, Denton, Metz, Orland, and Mobile.

DIY, Punk, Experimental

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Show Description for Monday 07/27/2009


 Jerett Will Be Subbing For Rick Tonight

A loosely based show on how i spent my short summer vacation 

Track Artist Song Album Label    
Lil Markie Diary Of An Unborn Child Lil' Markie Volume 1
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Brian Ang Post-Structuralism Can Has Cheezburger?
Various Artists Joe Crow - Compulsion Pillows & Prayers Cherry Red Records 1982-1983
Captain Ahab Secrets Of The Universe After The Rain My Heart Still Dreams 2006
R.L.Crutchfield's Dark Day No Nothing Ever... Exterminating Angel
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Brian Trott Post-Structuralism Can Has Cheezburger?
Fibonaccis Second Coming Fibonaccis Index Records 1982
Dwayne Leftridge Watching Coming Out Of The Hermit's Cave Leftridge records 2008
November Group Heart of a Champion Persistent Memories Brain Eater 1983
1 Dancing Cigarettes Burn In Heaven 1980-1981: The Gulcher Recordings Gulcher Recordings Recorded Live at the Bluebird, june 1981
Wipers Youth Of America Youth Of America Park Avenu Records 1981
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Dyslexic Artsehcro My Kind Tomorrow Might Look Better In Someone Else's Eyes... Frozen Sound Records 1987
Gizmos Tie Me Up Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's The Gizmos Gucher Records 666
Standard Of Living She Loves You Six Songs Vinyl Records 1982
Steve Stain Took a Left The Brain Feels No Pain Lithuanian Air Raide Music / New Alliance Records 1986
Wet Picnic Cocktailed Sky Balls Up Unicorn Records 1982
13 Tronics Crush On You LBBF
Artless Beer is better than girls are Beer is Better... Vinyl Communication 1990
Ted Franko Santa baby (If you kiss my wife You'll lose your life) Santa baby (If you kiss my wife You'll lose your life) // Santa Beer Reindeer Nawpost 1992
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Red Wedding Bernardo Nails Important Records 1984
19 Death Killers I Hate When You Do This To Me
Popular History Of Signs Land Of The Free Comrads Jungle Records
6 Marine Girls In Love Lazy Wayz / Beach Party
Volumatix Obscene Phone Call Volume One Criminal Records 1982
18 Wall Of Voodoo Can't Make Love
-----------------------------air break-----------------------------
Brian Brain Happy? Fun With Music! 4 Track Mini LP Plaid Records 198666